1. Unbundling – the commonality with people here is that they are actually doing more bundling than unbundling. The problem that they are coming across here is that the cost structure of unbundling is more complex and more difficult to get a real idea of an ROI (i.e. distributing niche services can be more costly in terms of marketing and materials).
    Ben and Mary leading the discussion
  2. Virtualization – Ben threw out an interesting graph that showed us the relationship of perceived value to engagement.
    Nice looking graph of Engagement to Perceived Value
  3. Scrutiny – The thing I hear the most is fear of is talking publically about real issues.
  4. Wave 3.1 – This is a loaded topic. What should associations do with the information the collect? Should it be public or private data. Think about the Open Access debate
  5. Demassification – Find out where people live and communicate vs. forcing people to come live and communicate in our manufactured space.

This was a great session. It was really well structured and I loved how they broke us down into small groups to have us discuss each of the topics. As usual, the only problem was time…there is never enough time.

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