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“Gulo listened to our needs and delivered a well-designed site that has seen an significant uptick in traffic.”

Allison M., Director of Marketing & Communications, Financial FirmAllison M., Director of Marketing & Communications, Financial Firm

Guess what, customers are eager for your help

As a marketer or an executive, you may or may not realize, your customers are always shopping and are always qualifying you.

We can help you be in position so you don’t lose traffic to your competitors.

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Campaign Landing Pages by Gulo

Build Targeted Campaigns That Resonate with Customers

Searching is only part of the equation. A brands’ work isn’t finished once they show up in search results.

The power of search is in the click. It’s critical that brands direct people to a destination that’s useful.

Our approach to augment the search result and click is driving customers to highly-targeted landing pages that relate to a campaign. The goal of our campaign pages is to lift brands by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

At Gulo, our campaign pages are built to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Drive engagement
  • Convert customers

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Increase organic search traffic through great content and great UX

Discover the latest digital marketing trends and see how top brands are implementing integrated marketing to provide customers with a seamless experience.

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We can help you learn more about your customers.

  • Who are your customers?
  • What are they searching for?
  • What questions do they have?

Once your website’s content aligns with real customer motivations, converting traffic into leads is easier.

One-quarter of buyers said they used brand websites to browse or research before or during their most recent journey

Shoppers search multiple times, visit multiple destinations during their journey, and won’t accept poor experiences, marketers must invest in their website to stay relevant, be competitive, be useful, and win decisions.

Help me convert more vistors

Gain more traffic with targeted and relevant content

Companies can gain visibility in Google and gain more traffic.

You have the ability to use organic search to bring more people to your website and deliver an assistive, delightful interaction with your product.

We take the time to understand company goals and examine competitors. Following this diagnostic process, we do keyword research to make sure your content is targeted and relevant.

Search is competitive and targeted traffic is hard to get. We find opportunistic phrases with our keyword research and build landing pages that rank high for the keyphrases your audience is searching for.

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Why mobile speed can slow or grow your business

Shaving milliseconds off page loading times can be the difference between millions.

With the mobile web being the most widely used platform in the world, customer’s patience should not to be tested.

Today, users have more ways than ever to search, browse, and shop. Business growth requires the speedy mobile experience that people expect and demand today.

load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%

Google’s search ranking algorithms are created in order to provide the best user experience possible.

If your website is slow, has broken links, or is otherwise hard to navigate, you will rank lower. And potential customers might end up on your competitor’s site.

It’s no longer sufficient to just have an online presence.

Here’s the good news. If a slow mobile experience drives customers away, a fast mobile experience can help attract and keep them — and those milliseconds can earn millions.

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Secure it or lose

As of September 2018, Google Chrome now displays a “not secure” message in the URL bar if your site isn’t secured. Expect less confident buyers and higher bounce rates on pages that aren’t secured with an SSL certificate.

url bad showing a secure and a not secure message

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