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Project Details

AZO is a big player who’s committed to providing high-quality urinary, bladder, and vaginal health products.

The brand aimed to bring customers a modern Direct-to-Consumer buying with options to Subscribe & Save.

The Solution

“Increase brand presence and simplify buying.”

The AZO website was outdated, and it was difficult for consumers to differentiate between their products. Additionally, the site was hard to navigate and wasn’t optimized for conversions.

i-Health asked us for a fresh perspective with a unique UX that their marketing team could update regularly.

We designed and built a flexible eCommerce website WordPress Front-End connected to a Shopify OMS (Order Management System).

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Brand recognition is our #1 goal

The comprehensive branding effort took inspiration from AZO’s strong market presence on physical store shelves. The goal was to provide a seamless customer journey experience, matching consumers with their ideal products based on a quick, informational quiz.

The Gulo team utilized this simple quiz to help consumers navigate between the various AZO product lines, resulting in increased bundle purchases, and providing exposure to lesser-known products in the brand lineup.


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A brand that reflects quality, reliability, and trust.

For AZO, we provided a new approach to their website architecture, restructured their navigation, streamlined their brand and messaging, and helped implement a clear customer journey for each product line.

Restructuring of this kind is beneficial to any eCommerce brand struggling to promote a variety of products in a clear and concise manner.


AZO project goals


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Search Engine Optimization

We worked very hard to ensure SEO guidelines were met and AZO’s SERP visibility wasn’t hurt. In fact, we increases clicks & impressions by over 1 million in a 3 month period.

Additional, our focus on strictly adhering to Google Search Essentials and technical SEO created a big lift for the brand’s average SERP position – over a 2 position increase.

The results speak for themselves.

After 9 months of close collaboration, we successfully launched AZO’s brand new website using a Gutenberg-based WordPress CMS. The new website is primed for traffic and conversions, and is optimized for search engines.

All in all, Gulo designed a beautiful, functional, eCommerce website that accurately reflects the prominent AZO brand.

The optimized user experience increased sales over 733% from the prior year.

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Increased visibility in Google



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Let’s build something special.