RSS has spoiled me. I can track of hundreds of sites, knowing exactly when each site has updated.
The convenience factor is very high. I find I spend a lot less time surfing aimlessly for new things to read. So why can't RSS be used for other tasks like banking? Why can't I be notified when a check clears or a new bill has been posted? How great would something like this be:

RSS feedreader with private banking feeds

The great thing is, you wouldn't even have to protect the feeds (I just wanted to use that cool lock icon in my design). The content could just say something like, "New bill from Sprint due 2/24" or "Check #1002 cleared 1/23." More detailed information would be stored in your password-protected account on the bank's website. So why hasn't this been done?

Written by

Fred Simmons

As a Managing Partner and the Director of User Experience at Gulo, Fred enjoys making website interactions more natural and improving UX design. Outside of work, Fred enjoys golf, BBQ, craft beer, movies where the bad guy wins, comma-separated lists, and talking about himself in the third person.