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We hear a lot about keywords and keyphrases in SEO, but that may be what’s holding you back. Watch this one-minute video from Zach, co-founder of Gulo, and find out why.


Are you writing articles and blog posts based on a single keyphrase? And then on to the next keyphrase, and writing your next article?

Here’s a tip. Find a topic. SEO is about topics, not keyphrases.

The secret is to find a long-tail keyphrase – and then abstract out of that keyphrase – and find a topic. With a topic, we can then brainstorm and create a variety of keyphrases to write other articles about. All these keyphrases are then tangentially-related. With this, we create a nice graph of semantically-related phrases spread across multiple articles that all point to our topic.

Written by

Zachary Wilson

I enjoy reading & writing about the web and digital marketing. My day-to-day focuses on ensuring our clients have big wins. That begins with extraordinary website design and UX. The real exciting stuff is helping develop strategies to drive traffic (on-site page optimization) and help conversion rate optimization (getting new sales and / or customers). With all my “other” time, I enjoy exploring new adventures with my 3 daughters and wife.