From Engadget:

Sprint's been rolling this whole WiMAX idea around for quite some time, but itfinally looks like all the pieces are actually coming together. The firm chose CES to announce that Chicago and Washington, D.C. should getthat coveted 4G service "by year-end 2007, with a larger rolloutencompassing at least 100 million people by year-end 2008." ApparentlySprint's not backing down either, as it's named Nokia, Samsung,Motorola, Intel, and LG as critical partners for making this happen,which ought to be enough corporate manpower to get something launched,eh? Although we're not positive as to when Chi-town and the CapitalCity will get their WiMAX fix, we've got just over 11 months to findout, and hopefully by then Sprint will be a bit more forthcoming aboutwho those "other 100 million" are.

About WiMAX. It's basically about achieving broadband speeds for phones, laptops, and other mobile devices. Intel has been working on a new chip that integrates both WiFi and WiMax, which means it will be that much easier to find a fast connection when you need one.

In other mobile news:
Apple is expected to announce the Apple Phone in a few minutes.

Holy crap. Pretty cool.

Also, here's Wired's Top 5 Worst Things about the iPhone. And Jason Fried's take.

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