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For nearly 100 years, Dunbar Armored has been the leader in armored truck and cash management services, transporting cash securely for Fortune 500 companies, healthcare providers, and even the United States Treasury.

They’re also a tech company, leading the way on asset management technology and cash flow logistics. But their invoicing system was stuck in the twentieth century; completely offline. They came to us to help them build a B2B e-commerce payment system and account management portal to satisfy customer demand for easier billing. The result is a simplified invoicing solution that makes it easier for Dunbar Armored customers to do business with them.

1% lower than then previous interchange rate, which resulted in $130,000/year in savings.

We built the site using the Laravel framework and integrating with legacy backend processes and their AR (Accounts Receivable) system. For payment processing, we chose PayTrace’s Gateway API to give Dunbar fast payment processing at an extraordinarily low rate.

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